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· 5 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

case study scio

SCiO, a Greek deep tech company, offers specialized bespoke services across the entire lifecycle of scientific data management. Their vision is to build solutions integral to the advancement of data-driven, collaborative science that addresses most preeminent global problems related to climate, food, the environment and their effects on human health and well-being. To achieve this, SCiO leverages a broad range of technical and methodological expertise in the area of Big Data Analytics, towards providing services that morph data into meaningful answers.

· 8 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

whatspot testimonial Whatspot, a simple yet powerful online booking system for businesses, has set out to transform the way organizations manage reservations. Marek Lustyk, a determined Product Manager, is in charge of this effort, guiding Whatspot toward success worldwide. Whatspot offers a streamlined reservation experience. From booking meeting rooms to company cars or parking spaces, Whatspot simplifies it all. With just a quick scan of the QR code on your mobile phone, you can instantly check the availability of a meeting room or company car. If it's open, booking is as easy as two clicks.

· 6 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

fluent search testimonial Adir, a software engineer at Microsoft, has a passion for improving productivity for himself and others. So he decided to develop a search application called Fluent Search as an open-source side project about three years ago. Over the years, the project grew bigger and gained popularity from users around the world. Let’s explore how Adir, as an individual developer, responded to user demand and made the strategic decision to translate his app into foreign languages. By doing so, he was able to tap into new markets, increase his user base, and take Fluent Search to the next level.