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Easily manage translations within your Figma design files by connecting Figma with Tolgee.

Simplify your localization process with our plugin that allows you to seamlessly synchronize text with screenshots from Figma to Tolgee.

Connect existing keys, pull translations, and create page copies with ease. Save time and improve efficiency with Tolgee Figma plugin!


Get started!

1. Create project in Tolgee platform

Go to Tolgee Cloud app or access your self-hosted instance and create a project. Then obtain your API key.

2. Install Figma plugin

First, you need to install the plugin from the Figma Community by clicking on the Try it out button. Alternatively, you can find the plugin in Figma by opening the Resources > Plugins, searching for "Tolgee", and then click Run.

3. Setup Figma plugin

After installing and launching the plugin, you need to insert the API key you created previously.

You can then select the language of the Figma file, the default namespace for new keys (if you use namespaces), and whether to hide the namespace selector.

Then click Save, and you are now ready to use the plugin!

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