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Flexible Pay as you go Localization

Benefit from the power of an open-source solution.

Self-host or use our cloud version, and start localizing hassle-free.


Includes key localization essentials
  • In-context translating
  • Translation memory
  • Machine translations
  • Auto translation
  • Activity log
  • One-click screenshots
  • Single Content Delivery
  • Figma plugin
  • and much more
1,000 strings included
10,000 MT credits included
Unlimited seats included
Get started
No credit card required

Pay as you go

For individuals
and small projects
4,000 strings included
10,000 MT credits included
Unlimited seats included
25/mo (annual billing)
extra 1000 strings
extra 1000 MT credits


For mid-size to larger teams, providing advanced features for growth
84/mo (annual billing)
extra 1000 strings
extra 1000 MT credits


For enterprise organizations
and very large teams
  • All from Business plan
  • Account manager
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Team training
  • Prioritized feature requests
Unlimited strings included
Unlimited MT credits included
Unlimited seats included
Detailed cloud plan comparison
Armen D.
Tolgee is fully-featured, well designed, modern and slick translation management system. It had every handy feature we needed out of the box. It's also open source and very easy to deploy and configure.See review

Frequently asked questions

What are strings?
A "string" is a piece of text in an app, such as "Hello, world!" or its translation. If you have 5 keys to translate into 5 languages, you'd have a total of 25 strings. Each key, whether in the original language or translated is considered a separate "string" in the app.

Note: we do not charge you for untranslated empty strings.
What are MT credits?
MT credits are used for Machine Translation providers (such as Google Translate, AWS, DeepL, etc.). One credit ⋍ 1 translated character (except for Tolgee Translator).

On self-hosted instances, the MT credits only apply to Tolgee AI Translator. For other providers (like Google Translate or Amazon Translate), you provide your own API keys.
What are seats?
The number of active users (disabled accounts are not included). When self-hosting, the number of users is reported to the Tolgee cloud.
What is AI Customization?
AI customization allows you to specify project description and language level notes, so you get better results from the Tolgee AI Translator. Read more
What is Content Delivery?
Content Delivery allows you to set up an automated export to a reliable Cloud storage. You can use this storage to load translations directly to your application and therefore ensure that the translation fixes and updates will get to your users without the necessity to release a new version of your app.

In Business and Enterprise plans you can set multiple Content Delivery configurations, which is useful, if you need different formats for different use cases.
What is Custom Content Storage?
Custom storage allows you to configure a custom place where the localization files will be deployed. Currently, we support AWS S3 buckets and Azure blob storage.
What is Project level content Storage?
Project level custom storage allows you to configure a custom place where the localization files will be deployed. This storage can be configured per project. Read more
Do you offer a completely free cloud plan?
Absolutely! When you sign up for Tolgee, you will automatically receive our Free plan, which is limited by the number of strings and MT credits.
What happens when I exceed seat or string limits?
If you have provided your credit card details, you will be charged extra every month. The cost of seats and strings will be determined by their weighted average.

To illustrate, suppose you add an extra seat for half of the month. In this case, you will be charged only half the cost of the extra seat since the price is weighted by time.
How do I pay for exceeding limits if I pay annually?
If you pay for the service annually, you may still be charged every month if you exceed the limits of your plan.
Does pricing change affect users who already use legacy plans?
No. If you are using a legacy plan, you can continue to use it.

This also applies to legacy-free plans.
What are the seats/strings limitations for the Free self-hosted plan?
The free self-hosted tier is currently limited to 10 seats. There. If you want to use advanced features like Granular permissions, Content Delivery, or Webhooks, subscribe to some advanced plan.
What is the string limit for the self-hosted plans?
None. We are not limiting the number of strings in the self-hosted instances.

Key features

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