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Opensource is our passion.

Why so?

Open-source is just a wonderful thing.

In Tolgee, we decided to follow the open-source model, believing it is the best way to distribute the tool widely. Developers usually prefer open-source solutions, and it is for sure a smart decision for many reasons. That’s also why open‑source software is growing more popular and widespread all over the IT world today.

However, not everything is for free, even when it comes to open‑source software. Tolgee is free to run on your own infrastructure in a small team, or you can pay us for cloud storage, computing power, and maintenance of the system. Believe it or not, even with these expenses, our open‑source solution is way cheaper than other closed‑source alternatives.

We have no secrets about our plan to build a good business with Tolgee. With an open‑core business model, we believe we can bring high value to companies and individuals and have a well‑running company at the same time. In an ideal world, companies could create great localized products without being restricted to a single vendor.

Tolgee is not all‑powerful. Not yet, anyway. 😜 But with the power of the community, we can collaborate on new integrations and features together, making Tolgee accessible to many more users and clearing the way for them to easily localize their projects.

So, what are Tolgee’s revenue streams?

We have different ways of covering the development costs of the Tolgee tool. It primarily is:

👨‍💻 Software as a Service ‑ Firstly, paying for the cloud system hosted by Tolgee will save time for developers maintaining the system and make the whole process more comfortable. This means fewer headaches and less time spent troubleshooting technical issues, allowing developers to focus their energy on what truly matters - building and improving their applications.

🏠 Self-hosted Tolgee for big teams ‑ For larger organizations with specific security and customization needs, Tolgee offers self-hosted plans. This option allows big teams to host Tolgee on their own servers, providing greater control over data privacy and system configuration. With self-hosting, organizations can tailor Tolgee to their unique requirements while ensuring seamless integration within their existing infrastructure.

💼 Enterprise solution ‑ Enterprises have the freedom to modify and customize the platform according to their specific needs and requirements, empowering them to tailor the solution to their unique workflows and processes. Being open-source, Tolgee provides the assurance of transparency and flexibility, mitigating the risk of vendor lock-in.

Join us in shaping the future of localization technology!

Anze M.
When choosing our internal localization platform we had 2 main criteria: open-source and support for standard localization formats (XLIFF). Tolgee covers both of them well and also offer great tech/customer support on their Slack channel.See review