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All in One localization for your project

All in One localization solution
You no longer have to worry about choosing the right i18n library, editor, or platform. Tolgee is the only tool you need to translate your web-based project to any language you wish.
Tolgee consists of a localization platform and SDKs you can integrate into your projects.
All in one
Save time with in-context editing
With Tolgee SDK, you can simply translate your texts by ALT + clicking them directly in the app you develop. No more looking for keys in your source, no more editing localization files, and no more data exporting for translators.
You also have access to app localization with an enabled in-context editing feature to other members of the project team or translators. Now everybody can do localization-related tasks instead of developers.
In context-editing
Provide context for translators
The core reason behind all inaccurate translations is missing context. Uploading screenshots to provide context has never been so simple.
Screenshots can be automatically generated in an in-context editing view using the Tolgee Chrome plugin.
Take screenshots
Integrate in less than one minute
Yes, you can integrate Tolgee into your app in less than one minute.
Our platform provides integration guides, which help you to get started incredibly fast.
Integrate fast
It is Open-Source!
Yes, Tolgee is free to use, and it's very simple to deploy it locally or on your private infrastructure.
Integrate fast