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Tolgee Pricing & Plans (Preview)

No support

Since Tolgee is open-source, self hosting will be free forever. However, you have to serve yourself.

    0 €

    With support

    For businesses that need high reliability and require professional support.

    • Professional setup
    • Support from our team
    • Prioritized feature requests
    Contact us

    Key features

    In-context translating
    Edit translations directly in your App
    One-click screenshots
    Generate context screenshots with one click
    Machine translations
    Google Translate, AWS Translate and DeepL will make you faster
    Translation memory
    Reuse already translated texts in your project
    Activity log
    See what is happening in the project
    Team permissions
    Edit permissions for different roles in your team
    Integration libraries
    With our SDKs, integration is super smooth
    REST Api
    Let the machines talk to each other

    Currently, no limits are applied to translations count. We plan to release pricing during July.