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Tolgee for Vue provides a simple API to create a multi-lingual Vue application. With Tolgee i18n library for Vue, you can enjoy all Tolgee i18n features.

To see Vue with Tolgee in action, check this example app.

npm i @tolgee/vue

Get started!

1. Create a project in Tolgee platform

Go to Tolgee Cloud app or access your self-hosted instance and create a project. Then obtain your API key.

2. Setup Tolgee integration

Install the npm packages.

npm i @tolgee/vue

Initialize Tolgee and use Vue plugin:

import { Tolgee, DevTools, VueTolgee, FormatSimple } from '@tolgee/vue';

const tolgee = Tolgee()
language: 'en',
apiUrl: process.env.VUE_APP_TOLGEE_API_URL,
apiKey: process.env.VUE_APP_TOLGEE_API_KEY,


app.use(VueTolgee, { tolgee });

And use Tolgee provider:

<template v-slot:fallback>
<App />

3. Use T component to translate your texts

<T keyName="translation_key" defaultValue="Translate me!" />

Now you are able to Alt + Click & translate your texts!

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