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· 4 min read
Štěpán Granát
Localization key lifecycleLocalization key lifecycle

Do you ever struggle with deprecated localization keys? Wondering which keys are active in production and which are part of unreleased features? 😵‍💫

Keeping localization keys organized in a large project can be a headache, especially with many contributors. But it’s crucial for a smooth localization process.

· 12 min read
Harshil Agrawal
YAML Support Blog imageYAML Support Blog image

In today's global market, making your web application accessible to a diverse audience is crucial. Localization enables apps to adapt to different languages and cultural contexts, enhancing user experience.

Tolgee simplifies localization with its open-source i18n tool, combining a localization platform and SDKs. It provides features like in-context translation and automatic screenshot generation, making translation easy for developers and translators. Svelte is an open-source frontend framework that compiles components into small, performant JavaScript modules.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to implement localization in your Svelte app using Tolgee. Let's get started!

· 5 min read
Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻

Translating an App to multiple languages (localization) is tricky part of many applications. Tolgee is simplifying the localization process and saves developer's time by removing repetitive tasks 🔁 ❌.

In this article, we'll explore how Tolgee offers a streamlined solution for React localization, empowering developers to efficiently translate and adapt their applications for diverse audiences. From simplifying text translation to providing in-context editing features, Tolgee revolutionizes the localization experience for React developers.

Saving time? That's what I want. Show me how to localize my React app!

· 5 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

case study scio

SCiO, a Greek deep tech company, offers specialized bespoke services across the entire lifecycle of scientific data management. Their vision is to build solutions integral to the advancement of data-driven, collaborative science that addresses most preeminent global problems related to climate, food, the environment and their effects on human health and well-being. To achieve this, SCiO leverages a broad range of technical and methodological expertise in the area of Big Data Analytics, towards providing services that morph data into meaningful answers.

· 4 min read
Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻
Visual editor and formats supportVisual editor and formats support

We are happy to announce that we finally released tools enabling you to use Tolgee to translate also to iOS, Mac and other Apple platform Apps, Android, Flutter, PHP and C++. Also, you can reliably export to generic formats like Structured JSON with support for arrays or XLIFF.

To provide a convenient way of editing translations for developers, translators, localization managers, project managers and other stakeholders, we made our translation editor visual, so you can conveniently edit plurals and you can edit strings without the need to understand the placeholders or HTML tags syntax.

· 7 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

Context is crucial for software localization as it allows translators to understand the content in its proper context and thus produce an accurate translation. Without context, a software translation can be inaccurate and lead to user confusion or errors. In some cases, the context can completely change the meaning of what is being translated, so it is essential to have a good understanding of the text's context before starting the localization process.

spreadsheet localization

· 3 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

In June 2023, we released our own Tolgee AI Translator.

It doesn't ignore context like other traditional machine translators, which makes it great for translating especially short texts. Tolgee Translator understands the context of the strings used in your app: that's why it can provide the best results.

Throughout autumn 2023, we refined the translator further, including, for example, the language formality feature. And now, we are taking another step closer to the autonomous software translation, adding a couple of new features, which make the results of Trolgee Translator even more accurate.

We're excited to announce the release of a new feature, AI Translation Customization, so you can improve the translation by providing a description of your project or adding a language-specific note.

Ai Customizations

· 7 min read
Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻

Dear Tolgee Users,

In the past year of 2023, Tolgee made a significant step forward, introducing many new features and making the whole project more robust. We must reflect these company and product developments into the pricing to align with the new product state and the company's business targets.

New pricingNew pricing