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Boost localization automation with Content Delivery and Webhooks

· 2 min read
Štěpán Granát

Recently, we've received many requests from our users to simplify the update of translations on production, and now we have an answer. Say Hi to Tolgee Content Delivery, a fast and reliable way to keep your translations independent of your code! Also introducing Webhooks for more automation options.

Content delivery

Load your translations from the cloud

Introducing Tolgee Content Delivery, the solution to simplify your translation updates seamlessly. With automatic uploading of localization files to secure cloud storage, your translations remain independent from your codebase, ensuring effortless updates.

We prioritize Speed and Reliability

Utilizing Content Delivery Network (CDN), Tolgee Content Delivery guarantees lightning-fast access to your translated content worldwide. Our caching system ensures reliability and speed, across different geographical locations.

Because the content is heavily cached, it can take up to 15 minutes to propagate changes.

Tailored Export Settings

Customize your translation exports effortlessly. Users have the freedom to configure file formats and other export settings, adapting the process to their unique workflows.

Add content delivery

We also support deployment to multiple storages with different settings, if you have different use cases or platforms to target.

Read more in Content Delivery documentation

Take automation to a new level (Business and Enterprise plans)

Content delivery is part of our long-term effort to make localization easier and more autonomous. And so with this release, we've added also more low-level options for automation.


Do you want to react to certain events, that happen in Tolgee Platform? Now you can. Just set up a webhook and Tolgee will tell you what is happening! In the request body, you'll receive an event type (like Translation edit, new comment, new language added, etc.) and you can connect it to your automation.

Read more in Webhooks documentation

Custom Content Storage

Do you want to have translations in your own protected storage? Easy thing, you can now set this up directly in the Tolgee Platform for each Content Delivery configuration.

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