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Elevate Your Translations with AI Translation Customization

· 3 min read
Marketa Chalupnikova

In June 2023, we released our own Tolgee AI Translator.

It doesn't ignore context like other traditional machine translators, which makes it great for translating especially short texts. Tolgee Translator understands the context of the strings used in your app: that's why it can provide the best results.

Throughout autumn 2023, we refined the translator further, including, for example, the language formality feature. And now, we are taking another step closer to the autonomous software translation, adding a couple of new features, which make the results of Trolgee Translator even more accurate.

We're excited to announce the release of a new feature, AI Translation Customization, so you can improve the translation by providing a description of your project or adding a language-specific note.

Ai Customizations


This functionality is available only in the cloud Business subscription or higher and in subscribed self-hosted instances using the Tolgee AI translator.

New Key Features

Imagine translating an app for golf players. 🏌️ With AI Translation Customization, you can ensure the tone, terminology, and cultural sensitivity are spot-on. AI Translation Customization allows you to tailor your translations in three ways:

1. Project Descriptions: Define the overall tone and terminology for your project.

Project descriptions are beneficial when you have a project in a specific domain. You can also specify your overall tone of voice. For instance, if you're translating an app for golf players, you can provide a description like the following:


This is an app for golf players.
We are motivating the players to get better.
Please use golf terminology.
Use a friendly tone of voice.

2. Language Notes: Specify conventions and tones for specific languages and standardize your terminology.

Language notes are helpful in specifying your conventions for a specific language. You can also use it to specify common terminology. Sometimes, you might also want to specify the tone of voice for a specific language if you wish to communicate differently to different cultures. Example for Japanese 🇯🇵

In Japanese, we are using polite language. Japanese Golf players are very polite.
Always translate "Golf Club" as ゴルフクラブ, referring to the equipment used to hit the ball, not a group of players.

3. Key Descriptions: Improve translation accuracy with detailed key descriptions.

Key descriptions can help translators to understand the context of the key. Key descriptions are also provided to the Tolgee AI translator to help it understand the key. You can see the description in the editor directly under the key name.

By completing these three steps, you ensure that the translation results of Tolgee Translator will be more precise for your project, and you save some extra reviewing time for your translated texts.

Try AI Translation Customization today and take your translations to a whole new level! Explore more details about AI Translation customization in the documentation and let us know in the Tolgee Slack community if you have any questions about this new feature.

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