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Upcoming Changes to Tolgee's Pricing Plans

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Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻

Dear Tolgee Users,

In the past year of 2023, Tolgee made a significant step forward, introducing many new features and making the whole project more robust. We must reflect these company and product developments into the pricing to align with the new product state and the company's business targets.

New pricingNew pricing

What do we change?

  • We are entirely redesigning the pay-as-you-go plan
  • We are adding a new, more accessible "Team" plan for self-hosted instances
  • We are making the Tolgee AI Translator available also on self-hosted instances
  • We are limiting the number of seats in the self-hosted free plan
  • We are making machine translation credits way cheaper

The new plans will be available by 26th January 2024.

What is changing in Cloud pricing

Until now, we have considered the re-selling of machine translation as one of our core revenue streams. The experience showed us that this wasn't the right decision. We want to keep machine translation accessible for all our customers, and we don't want to discourage new customers with high machine translation prices. At the same time, we would like to focus on improving the Tolgee AI translator so it's used by as many customers as possible because we see unlimited opportunities in the AI in software localization. The new price of 1000 machine translation credits will be unified at €0.035 per 1000 machine translation credits in all the plans, including the self-hosted ones. We will also charge one machine translation credit per character for the Tolgee AI translator. While before, we were charging you 10 MT credits per OpenAI token, which made our pricing more complex than required. Overall, we are making our pricing more straightforward.

We are also completely redesigning the pay-as-you-go plan. The past year showed us that providing the plan, starting at 0€ and charging only for what's consumed, isn't cost-effective for us. For many pay-as-you-go customers, the payment processing and related costs are higher than the actual revenue. So the new plan will start at €30, which we consider a fair minimal price for the service. The new plan will contain new features such as the Webhooks and Custom Content Delivery Storage.

The Pay-as-you-go plan changes

Plan price (billed annually)€0€25/mo (300/year)
Plan price (billed monthly)€0€30/mo
Price per 1000 MT credits€0.20€0.035
Included strings10004000
Additional featuresN/AWebhooks, Custom Content Delivery Storage, AI Translation Customization
Tolgee AI Translator pricing model1 MT credit per 10 OpenAI tokens1 MT credit per character
Transfer date of current pay-as-you-go users to the new planN/AMarch 1st, 2024

The current pay-as-you-go plan users will be transferred to the updated pay-as-you-go plan on March 1st. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns about this change using any of the channels described at the bottom of this post.

The Business plan changes

Price per 1000 MT credits€0.20€0.035
Tolgee AI Translator pricing model1 MT credit per 10 OpenAI tokens1 MT credit per character
Additional featuresN/AAI Translation Customization

For open-source projects

As an open-source project, you don't have to worry; we still provide the free business plan on the Tolgee Cloud. Just reach us out at

What is changing in self-hosted pricing

We discovered that Tolgee provides great value for many companies that use Tolgee on self-hosted instances, but very few of them actually subscribed to our "Bussiness" plan. According to our analysis, the free plan is also sufficient for larger teams of 10+ developers, and the price of the business plan is too high while not bringing much more value.

Because of this, we decided to make the Tolgee AI translator available also to customers who purchased a license for any of the self-hosted plans. This way, the self-hosted license brings significant benefits in comparison to the free plan. We are also adding a new, more cost-effective "Team" plan. At the same time, we decided to limit the number of seats in the free plan to 10. This change won't affect the users on older Tolgee Platform versions, so the users staying with such versions are fine with continuing with the previous unlimited free plan.

The new version of the Tolgee platform with limited free users will be released by January 26th.

The new Team plan on Self-hosted

Price per seatN/A10€
Price per 1000 MT credits
(Only for Tolgee AI translator services, for other services, you can provide your own API key)
Additional featuresN/AWebhooks, Multiple content delivery configs, Tolgee AI translator, AI Translation Customization

Changes to Business plan on self-hosted

Price per 1000 MT credits
(Only for Tolgee AI translator services, for other services, you can provide your own API key)
Additional featuresN/ATolgee AI translatorAI Translation Customization

We understand that this change might be hard to accept for many companies using Tolgee for free on self-hosted instances. We apologize for the inconvenience you may encounter. However, we need to focus on making the Tolgee company stable and cost-effective, and we want to assure you that additional revenues from this change will be used for future product development, bringing you great new features like GitHub/GitLab integrations, Visual Editor, Universal Format Support, Mobile SDKs, Document translations and much more.

Few more words to advocate the changes

When we started Tolgee in 2020, our goal was simple: to create an open-source localization platform that makes the translation process easier for software developers. Today, we are proud to see thousands of users and hundreds of companies actively using Tolgee.

Over the past three years, we have personally invested a significant amount of our time and resources into the development and growth of Tolgee, funded primarily through our personal investments. This journey has been enriching, brimming with learning opportunities, rewards, and the pure enjoyment of working diligently on a tool that we are passionate about. Moreover, the positive feedback and warm reactions we have received from our users have only amplified our excitement and commitment to this project.

In 2024, we are facing the reality of the current market situation and recognizing that it is time for us to think about long-term sustainability and company stability. Until now, we have provided many features that deliver value to many companies while only a fraction contribute to future development by subscribing to non-free subscription plans. We realized this has to change if Tolgee should become a stable and sustainable company.

I understand and empathize that these changes may cause discomfort and may not accommodate everyone's circumstances. If this materially impacts your business, I warmly invite you to contact me directly. I am open to having a personal dialogue regarding your concerns, and I am firmly committed to exploring potential solutions with you to continue providing a platform that satisfies and comforts your experience with us. You can get in touch with me directly

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Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻
Jan is a coding mastermind who's on a mission to save the world from software localization chaos. He has a passion for clean code, hates being a copy-pasting monkey 🙈 and is dedicated to delivering smart and simple software as the head of Tolgee.