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Integrate your existing Unreal Engine project with the Tolgee platform within minutes by using our plugin to automate the process.

Start translating your project today with Tolgee and add new languages without changing your current localization pipeline.

Invite collaborators to help you with translating and leverage our Translation assistance to speed up the process.

Get started!

1. Create project in Tolgee platform

Go to the Tolgee Cloud app or access your self-hosted instance and create a project. Then obtain your API key.

2. Install Unreal plugin

First, you need to install the plugin from the Unreal Marketplace and enable it in your project.

3. Setup Unreal plugin

After installing and enabling the plugin, you need to set the API key you created previously and the API url in the Project Settings.

If you have already set up your project, you can directly upload all your keys to the Tolgee platform. If you are unfamiliar with the localization setup, you can read our step-by-step guide.

Then open the Tolgee Dashboard, and you are now ready to hover over any text you wish to translate!

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