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Tolgee now Supports Ruby on Rails YAML and generic YAML

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Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻
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We are happy to announce that we released support for Ruby on Rails YAML, Flat YAML, and Structured YAML formats.

Recently, we have released various format support, but a few formats were still missing. Now, we are adding a few more. Tolgee now supports Ruby on Rails YAML, Flat YAML, and Structured YAML formats.

That means that Tolgee can import and export data in Ruby on Rails-specific YAML files, structured YAML files and flat YAML files. Ruby on Rails placeholder and message format e.g. hello %{name} or I have %<count>d dogs is now supported as well as pluralization and arrays.

At the same time, we made XLIFF, JSON and PO formats generic, so now you can choose the desired message & placeholder format when you export to such a file type. You can read more about the supported placeholder and message formats here.

Let us know in the Tolgee Slack community if you have any questions about those new features!

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Jan Cizmar 🧑🏻‍💻
Jan is a coding mastermind who's on a mission to save the world from software localization chaos. He has a passion for clean code, hates being a copy-pasting monkey 🙈 and is dedicated to delivering smart and simple software as the head of Tolgee.