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Version: 3.x.x

AI Translation Customization


This feature is only available with a Business subscription or higher on Tolgee cloud and on Subscribed Self-hosted instances with Tolgee AI translator enabled as the translation provider.

If you wish to enhance the results from the Tolgee AI translator, you can customize it according to your needs. Tolgee enables you to input key descriptions, project descriptions, or language notes. This information is provided along with the actual string that requires translation. It helps to understand the context of your translation project and provide more accurate translations.

Providing project description

Project descriptions are beneficial when you have a project in a specific domain. You can also specify your overall tone of voice. For instance, if you're translating an app for golf players, you can provide a description like the following:

This is an app for golf players.
Please use golf terminology.
Use a friendly tone of voice.
We motivate the players to get better.

To provide the project description,

  • Select Languages in the project menu.
  • Select AI Customization.
  • Click the + Description button in the Project description section.
Providing project description

Providing language notes

Language notes are useful to specify your conventions for a specific language. You can also use it to specify common terminology. Sometimes, you might also want to specify the tone of voice for a specific language if you wish to communicate differently to different cultures.

Example for Japanese
In Japanese, we are using polite language. Japanese Golf players are very polite.
Always translate "Golf Club" as ゴルフクラブ, referring to the equipment used to hit the ball, not a group of players.

To provide the language description,

  • Select Languages in the project menu
  • Select AI Customization
  • Click the + on the language you want to customize
Providing language notes

If you want to learn more about AI translation customization, check out our blog post on the topic.

Providing key description

You can read more about providing key descriptions here. Tolgee uses the same key description for AI translation as visible in the Translation editor.