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Version: 3.x.x

Tolgee Translator

Tolgee Translator is based on ChatGPT and can translate with included Tolgee Context, key description, project description, language notes and results from the translation memory.

Tolgee Translator with context


This functionality is available only in the Cloud version with SDK 5.9.0 and higher.

Tolgee Context is a statistic about relations between the keys based on how they are laid out in your application. Context is gathered by Tolgee SDK. Read more.

Tolgee Translator

With Tolgee Context, ambiguous translations can be improved radically.

The presence of context for the given key is indicated at the bottom left corner of the key cell and at the Tolgee Translator icon with a little ⚡ icon. By clicking on the icon, you can see the context.

Tolgee Translator without context

Tolgee Translator can improve the quality of translation even without the Tolgee Context. It knows the key name, it can be enhanced with key description, project descriptions and language notes. Also, it gets access to the translation memory, so if there are similar translations, it will keep it consistent.

Tolgee translator without context

Tolgee Translator can help maintain consistency with other translations if translation memory is available.

It can essentially see the same information as a human translator (when screenshots are replaced by Tolgee Context.

Tolgee Translator customization

You can customize the Tolgee Translator to your needs. Read more about that in the AI Translator Customization section.


If you want to learn more about autonomous translation with Tolgee Translator, check out our blog post on the topic.