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Version: 3.x.x


Installing the plugin

First, you need to install the plugin from the Unreal Marketplace and add it to your project/engine.

Alternatively, you can clone the plugin from GitHub and compile it locally.

Enabling the plugin

To enable the Tolgee plugin inside Unreal, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Toolbar Edit menu
  2. Open the Plugins windows
  3. Find the Tolgee plugin and tick the checkbox next to it
  4. Press Restart now or restart your project manually

Unreal Engine Enable Plugin

Setting up the plugin

After installing and enabling the plugin, you need to set the following properties in the Project Settings → Localization → Tolgee section:

  1. Set the API key

    If you don't have one, you can check out our documentation on how to generate an API key.

  2. Set the API URL

    If you are using the self-hosted version, you can change the URL to your instance.

    Unreal Engine Project Settings

  3. Adjust Languages

    By default, the Unreal plugin pulls all the languages defined in your Tolgee project. However, if you want to use other localization methods for a certain language, you can remove it from the list.