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Version: 3.x.x

About Tolgee

Tolgee is a localization platform that allows you to translate your application into any language without modifying your code. It is designed to be used with web applications, but it can be used also with mobile apps and desktop applications.

Tolgee is a developer-focused platform, so it is easy to integrate with your application. No more looking for keys in your source code, no more editing localization files, and no more manual exporting data for translators.


  • Developer-friendly - Tolgee is designed to be easy to integrate with your application. There are number of integrations with JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, and many more with the use of Tolgee JS SDK.
  • Easy to use - Tolgee is easy to use for developers, but also for translators, so you can easily involve your translators into your localization process.
  • Open-source - Tolgee is open-source, you can contribute to the project on our GitHub repository. You can also host your own instance of Tolgee, so you can have full control over your data.
  • Free - Our cloud version includes Business plan with 20 000 strings is free for any open-source projects. For commercial projects, you can use Tolgee for free up to 1000 strings. For more information, see pricing.
  • In-context editor - Tolgee provides in-context editor, so translators can easily translate your application without leaving your application.
  • Tolgee AI translatorTolgee Translator can make software localization much faster and more autonomous. It provides more accurate translations than general translators as it gathers context through Tolgee's native JS SDKs, which provide in-context dialogs.

Intrigued yet?

If you want to try Tolgee, you can sign up for free and start using it right away. After you sign up, you will be able to create your first project and start translating your application.

Other Tolgee Docs

Thibaud C.
Tolgee is very easy to use and to integrate with i18n libraries. We like it a lot for its collaboration capabilities.See review