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Version: 3.x.x

Translation Files and Integrations

After you have created a project, you can import existing files into the project, use our JS SDK to seamlessly integrate your code with your Tolgee project, or use our API to integrate your project with your own system.

Importing files

To import existing translation files into your project, open the created project and click on the Import menu item. Then select what language and namespace (not required) you want to import the files into and click the Import button.

More information about importing files can be found in the Import page.

Exporting files

To export the translations, open the project and click on the Export menu item. Then select what languages, file formats and namespaces you want to export and click the Export button.

More information about exporting files can be found in the Export page.


Tolgee provides a JS SDK that can be used to easily integrate your Tolgee project with your codebase. This way, you can use the same translation keys in your code as you use in your Tolgee project.

In production mode, you should use data exported from the Tolgee platform. To export the translation files, see exporting translations. Then provide the data via Tolgee configuration options described in Providing static data.