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Version: 5.x.x

Namespaces (Angular)

Tolgee allows you to split your i18n data into multiple namespaces. When using the translate pipe, t component, or translate method of TranslateService, Tolgee automatically loads the namespace data for you. However, the typical use case is to split translations for each module into different namespaces. If your module is lazy, you might want to wait for your i18n data while it's fetching the lazy module. To do so, you can use NamespaceResolver.

import { NamespaceResolver } from '@tolgee/ngx';

const routes: Routes = [
path: 'lazy',
loadChildren: () => import('./lazy/lazy.module').then((m) => m.LazyModule),
data: { tolgeeNamespace: 'my-loaded-namespace' },
resolve: {
_namespace: NamespaceResolver,

imports: [
RouterModule.forRoot(routes, ...),
exports: [RouterModule],
export class AppRoutingModule {}

When using NamespaceResolver, you have to provide tolgeeNamespace property of the data object of your route configuration as defined in the example.

Read more about namespaces here.