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Version: 5.x.x

Typed translation keys

If you want your keys to be typed with TypeScript you can do so with the following tolgee.d.ts file:

// tolgee.d.ts

import type en from './i18n/en.json';

declare module '@tolgee/core/lib/types' {
type TranslationsType = typeof en;

// ensures that nested keys are accessible with "."
type DotNotationEntries<T> = T extends object
? {
[K in keyof T]: `${K & string}${T[K] extends undefined
? ''
: T[K] extends object
? `.${DotNotationEntries<T[K]>}`
: ''}`;
}[keyof T]
: '';

// enables both intellisense and new keys without an error
type LiteralUnion<LiteralType extends BaseType, BaseType extends Primitive> =
| LiteralType
| (BaseType & { _?: never });

export type TranslationKey = LiteralUnion<

This setup will give you TypeScript intellisense for existing keys but also allow you to add non-existing keys. If you intentionally want TypeScript errors for non-existing keys, just remove LiteralUnion.