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Version: 5.x.x


If you use vanilla javascript or an unsupported framework, use @tolgee/web package.

npm install @tolgee/web
import { Tolgee } from '@tolgee/web';

With script tag

<script src=""></script>
const { Tolgee } = window['@tolgee/web'];

With native es import

import { Tolgee } from ''

In-context (DevTools)

To use In-context in development mode, you can simply use DevTools from @tolgee/web

import { Tolgee, DevTools } from '@tolgee/web';

const tolgee = Tolgee().use(DevTools()).init(...)

If you use any standard FE setup with a bundler, DevTools will be automatically excluded in production (based on process.env.NODE_ENV). If you want the in-context to be always available, use InContextTools instead of DevTools- it is the same plugin, the only difference is that DevTools are exported conditionally.

Using dev tools without bundler

You can use separately bundled in-context-tools however, you'll have to make sure you won't include it in production.

<script src=""></script>;
const { InContextTools } = window['@tolgee/in-context-tools'];

// or

import { InContextTools } from '';

Check the complete list of bundles.