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Version: 5.x.x


Super light formatter, which will enable you to pass variables into translations. It's a subset of Icu format.


import { FormatSimple } from '@tolgee/core';

const tolgee = Tolgee()


Passing variable:

f('Martin is {age} years old.', { age: 10 });
// Martin is 10 years old

You can also escape special characters by wrapping them into ', it works the same as in Icu standard and it only acts like escaping character when it's followed by escapable character ("{`). It doesn't have to be closed (then all rest of the translation is escaped).

f("This is escaped text: '{age}'");
// This is escaped text: {age}

f("This is also '{fine}");
// This is also {fine}

f("This will work 'as expected'");
// This will work 'as expected'

That's it! We've tried to do this format as simple as possible so the parser doesn't bloat your bundle. If you need advanced features use @tolgee/format-icu package.