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Version: 3.x.x


Tolgee allows you to manage tags in the application – you can create, assign them to keys and filter for them in the Translation view.

With tags, you cannot selectively export a particular set of keys like you can with namespaces.

Creating and assigning tags

To assign a tag to a key, click the + tag icon on the key in Translations view:

Add tag to key

Then you can assign an existing tag or create a new one by typing the name and pressing Enter.

add new tag to key

Filtering by tags

There are two ways how to filter keys by tags.

Using filter dropdown

  1. Click the Filter... dropdown in the Translations view
  2. Click Tags
  3. Select one or multiple tags

Clicking on tag

  1. Click the tag in a key
  2. The tag will be automatically added to the filtering and the keys will be filtered by it