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Project configuration


The Tolgee CLI is currently experimental and subject to bugs. Breaking changes may happen before stable release!

Help us reach stable version faster by reporting any bug you encounter on the issue tracker. Feedback is also greatly appreciated!

Rather than specifying project details every single time you run a command, you can set them once and forget about it by creating a .tolgeerc file. It will be parsed as a JSON file.


We use cosmiconfig to parse the Toglee configuration file, which means you aren't limited to naming it .tolgeerc. You can use any of the following:

  • .tolgeerc
  • .tolgeerc.[json|yaml|yml|js|cjs]
  • .config/tolgeerc
  • .config/tolgeerc.[json|yaml|yml|js|cjs]
  • tolgee.config.[js|cjs]

You can also store your config in package.json, under the tolgee key.

List of properties


Integer. ID of the project on the Tolgee server.


Single char, or null. Structure delimiter used.

By default, Tolgee interprets . in string keys as nested structures. You can use another delimiter, or disable this behavior by specifying null.


String. Path to the custom extractor to use, relative to the .tolgeerc file.

By default, Tolgee uses its own internal extractor which looks for use of the Tolgee SDK.


String. URL to the Tolgee instance you're using. If you're using Tolgee Cloud, you can ignore this.