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Version: 2.x.x

Introduction to the CLI

The Tolgee CLI is a command line utility created to make your life easier while using Tolgee, by allowing you to easily synchronize your code project with the translation project on Tolgee.

You can find the source code of the CLI on GitHub.


Easy project configuration

Don't want to deal with having to type all project-specific options whenever invoking the CLI? No worries! You can create a .tolgeerc file and not have to worry about specifying all these annoying options.

Downloading & uploading strings

You can easily download and upload localization files using the pull and push commands.

Easily push new and updated strings to Tolgee when you're done working on a new feature, and automatically download all of the strings when building your app for production. It's really this easy!

Extracting strings from your code

One major feature of the CLI is the ability to scan your code for localization strings, and automagically extract them for you and sync them with the localization project.

You can learn more about how it works here.

Tagging keys

Tag your keys according to your current production code. So you can always know which strings are currently used in production. Which are deprecated and which are drafts in development branches. Check the docs here.

Work on your self-hosted server

Not a fan of Service-as-a-Service and prefer to roll your own server? Or working locally? That's fine! You can very easily tell the CLI to talk to your self-hosted Tolgee server.

And more to come!

We're working on constantly improving the CLI to make it even more powerful, just like the Tolgee Platform. Any idea for new features? We'd love to hear it! Make sure to send it to our issue tracker so we can start working on it.