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Version: 2.x.x

Running with Java

To run Tolgee server using Java, download the latest release from GitHub.


Since v2, Tolgee tries to run PostgreSQL container by default. To disable this, set tolgee.postgres-autostart.enabled property to false and provide the data source settings yourself.

Disabling this is required if you wish to run Tolgee without having Docker installed on your machine. If you leave it enabled, Docker is required to run Tolgee.

Then you can run it with:

java -jar tolgee-<version>.jar

By default, server is exposed on port 8080. To change this you can set server.port to different value.

java -jar tolgee-<version>.jar --server.port=80

See configuration page for other configuration options.


You can specify your configuration in an file, next to the Tolgee server jar. The configuration will be automatically loaded from it, which is more convenient than specifying everything as part of the run command.