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Version: 4.x.x

Tolgee JS v3

New initialization

Icu formatter is now separated as a module and so by default Tolgee instance is without formatter. We now recommend use Tolgee.init instead of new Tolgee, which is now private. This doesn't affect majority of integrations, because Tolgee is initialized internally there, however in vanilla JS it's important.

// old way (now will give you typescript error)
import { Tolgee } from '@tolgee/core'
const tg = new Tolgee(...)

// equivalent new way
import { Tolgee, IcuFormatter } from '@tolgee/core'
const tg = Tolgee.use(IcuFormatter).init(...)

// new way without formatter
const tg = Tolgee.init(...)

We've changed this so it's possible to use core without IcuFormatter and therefore decrease bundle size when we don't need it.

wrapperMode setting

We now have a new way how to wrap translations (docs here)

wrapperMode: 'invisible' // 'text' is default

It's intended for framework integrations for the future as it uses zero-width unicode characters to identify the translation - this way we want to reduce cases where wrapping causes problems and must be ommited. Also this can be used with 3rd pary libraries (e.g. i18next), to preserve in-context localization functionality.