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Autonomous translation

Let the machines work for you.

Tolgee AI Translator

Save time and money.

We live in the 2020s. This is the decade of AI. Reduce the time and costs required to localize your App with state-of-the-art technology. Tolgee translator provides great results in much less time and is way cheaper than human translators.

App localized immediately.

With the auto-translation feature, you just add the strings to the Tolgee Platform. And boom! It’s reliably translated with Tolgee Translator. No more waiting for a human translator. Welcome the revolution.

Auto translationAuto translation

Context for AI

Auto translationAuto translation

Your context is not ignored.

With Tolgee’s contextual technology, strings are translated with their context. And context is king. Tolgee Translator doesn’t ignore it like other machine translators. That’s why Tolgee can provide the best results ever.

Auto context extraction.

Tolgee integrations extract context from your App automatically. You don’t have to bother developers or designers by asking them to provide the description or to take screenshots for every key. Tolgee does this for you. Read more here.

Easy localizationEasy localization

The localization has never been easier.

Add the keys to the Tolgee In-context editor and get all translated automatically. It’s that simple. Right after that, you can ship your localized App.

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