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Version: 3.x.x


Especially when managing more extensive projects, storing all keys in a single localization file can be insufficient. That's where namespaces come into play. This feature enables you to structure keys into different namespaces. When Tolgee exports a project with namespaces, Tolgee stores the namespace data to separate files.

In the Translations view, namespaces are displayed on the top of each namespace group.

Selecting namespaces for a new key

To select namespace while creating a new key:

  1. click + Add in the top right of the translation view
  2. select the namespace in the namespace dropdown.
    1. if the desired namespace doesn't exist yet, select + Add new from the dropdown
    2. fill in the namespace name in the dialog.

Filtering by namespace

To filter translations by namespace:

Using filter dropdown

  1. click the Filter dropdown in the translations view
  2. click Namespaces
  3. select one or multiple namespaces

Using the namespace banner

  1. Click the namespace banner on top of namespace key group
  2. Select Filter by ...

Renaming namespaces

  1. Click the filter banner on top of namespace key group
  2. Select Rename namespace
  3. Set a new name in the dialog
  4. Click rename
  5. Confirm the operation

Deleting namespace

Tolgee deletes namespaces automatically when there is no key assigned to them. To delete a namespace, just delete all keys in the namespace.